What is Leasing?

Leasing is fixed-term rental agreement that allows you to use a vehicle for a set period of time at a pre-agreed monthly price.

What are the differences between Personal Contract Hire (PCH) and Business Contract Hire (BCH)?

PCH is a product that is available to everyone over the age of 18 and in position of a full UK Driving License (subject to you being approved for finance). PCH is similar to BCH, the major exception being that on PCH you are unable to reclaim any VAT.

BCH is for business customers (Limited Company, Partnership, or Sole Trader) only. You can reclaim up to 50% of VAT on cars and up to 100% of VAT on commercial vehicles on BCH agreements.

On rare occasions, some manufacturers may choose to give enhanced terms to business customers only. This can result in a different in price between personal and business prices other than VAT.

Is Road Tax included in the price?

Yes, Road Tax is included for the duration of the contract

What in an initial payment?

The term ‘initial payment’ refers to the first payment of the contract. It is not a deposit; the initial payment helps determine how your monthly payments will be thereafter. The higher your initial payment, the lower the monthly payments and vice versa

When is my initial payment taken?

The initial payment is taken approximately 7-10 days after you have taken possession of the vehicle

How long can I lease a vehicle for?

The majority of our lease deals are available between 24-48 months. Occasionally, we might have a special offer on outside of these parameters.

If you are looking for something outside of these parameters please call 0333 323 7070 and speak to one of our Relationship Managers

What is included in a contract?

All lease contracts include the following:

  • Full manufacturer’s warranty
  • Road Tax
  • Breakdown assistance (as per the manufacturer warranty)
  • Free UK mainland delivery and collection

What is not included in a contract?

The below are not included in a lease contract:

  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Any additional Insurance products (i.e. GAP Insurance)
  • Maintenance and servicing. These are not included as standard; however, we do have packages available

Can I make amendments to my contract?

Changes to your contract whilst it is live will be a decision made by the finance company who is providing the lease. If you need to make any amendments to your contract (i.e. contract length, annual mileage) then please contact your finance company directly

How soon will I get my vehicle?

If your vehicle is a stock deal/special offer, delivery usually takes place approximately 3 weeks from the point of order. If the vehicle is a factory order the lead time can differ as this would depend on the manufacturer and the specification of the vehicle. You will be advised of the lead time by your Relationship Manager before being proposed for finance, before placing your vehicle on order, and then continually updated throughout the build process by our Consumer Administrators

Can I add maintenance to my lease vehicle?

We can offer a maintenance package on the majority of our vehicles.

What is included in a maintenance package?

A lease or contract hire agreement with maintenance included covers:

  • All tyre replacements as a result of fair, wear and tear
  • The cost of scheduled servicing and associated costs
  • Consumable items such as brake discs, batteries and exhausts (subject to reasonable wear and tear).
  • Where applicable, the cost of the MOT
  • Breakdown cover
  • Any repair to the vehicle as long as it is not as a result of damage, abuse or mis-use.

What is not included in a maintenance package?

  • Any damage caused by driver damage or misuse
  • Any replacements or repairs required to any body glass 

Are there any restrictions on leasing a vehicle?

Anyone under the age of 18 will not be able to lease a vehicle. Anyone who is not in possession of a full UK Driving License will not be able to lease a vehicle. All leases are subject to a credit check, anyone who fails a finance application will not be able to lease a vehicle.

We are also unable to assist the following businesses: Taxi’s, Chauffeurs, and Driving Schools. This is due to the fact we cannot lease to anyone intending to use the vehicle for ‘Hire and Reward’

Can I put my cherished plate on my vehicle?

It is possible to place a personalised number plate on any of our vehicles. Please advise your Consumer Administrator once the order has been placed and we can advise the process and costs depending on which finance provider you are using

Where will my vehicle come from?

All our vehicles are distributed either directly through manufacturers, or via franchised dealers and preparation centres

Can I take my lease car abroad?

Yes, however you will need to make the finance company who are funding your vehicle aware of this. You will also need to ensure you have all the correct documents to comply with the country legislation

Can I hand my vehicle back earlier than agreed?

If you were looking to hand back the vehicle earlier than your contract duration you would be required to pay an early termination charge. It is not possible to give an estimate of this amount as the charge is based on a percentage of your remaining monthly rentals, how many miles you have covered, and the market value of the vehicle at the time the request is made

What condition must I hand my vehicle back in?

The vehicle must be returned with no more than the normal level of fair wear and tear. We work to the BVRLA fair wear and tear guide, however please note that different finance companies can set their own level of wear and tear guidelines

Will I own the vehicle at the end of my contract?

The finance company is the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle so when the lease contract comes to an end you will not own the vehicle. At the end of the agreement we will come and collect the vehicle from you

Do you take part-exchange?

Unfortunately we don't offer a part-exchange service directly, however we would recommend Evans Halshaw Sell Your Car.

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