What is a Private number plate?

A personalised, cherished or private number plate is a unique registration plate that has been created by the driver. Once you’ve purchased the unique set of letters of numbers, you are able to assign this to any vehicle you are using, occurring a few fees in the process along the way of course.

How to add a private plate to my lease car?

Subject to the funder’s permission, it should be very simple to get your plate on your lease car. As they are the registered own of the vehicle, you will need to get their permission to add you plate on to the car.

We cannot add your personalise plate on before delivery unfortunately

This will all need to be arranged after delivery – To start, contact the finance provider and to be named as a Nominee on the Certificate of Entitlement (V750), the details on how to do can be found on the back of the V750.
Once this has all been agrees, you will need to send across via post, the Certificate of Entitlement (V750), and the administration fee.

Once received, you will be sent a letter of acknowledgment. All documents will be sent off to the DVLA and they will be in contact with you when all confirmed. You must not display the private registration number on a vehicle until you have received confirmation from the funder and DVLA. Once you have heard back, you can simply change your old plates to your fresh new personalised plates and enjoy your new lease car to the fullest.

How to put on Private plate

A popular question that we get asked is whether you can have your private plate on a lease vehicle, and its great news for you, You can! All you need to do follow these steps and you can enjoy your plate on your new lease car. There are documents needed to sign and a couple of extra charges, but we will highlight them all below.

How do I purchase a private plate?

There are a number of different ways to purchase a personalised number plate. But you will need to:

• Buy the number plate itself
• Assign this plate to your vehicle
• Purchase the actual number plates

Buying Online

The most trusted and easiest method is buying the plate directly from the DVLA, they have a simple search you can use, where you type in the plate you are after and it will give you everything close or exact available.

You can also purchase from different plate dealers who purchase popular plates and resell them to the public, they are also safe but usually come with a higher price tag compared to buying direct from the DVLA.

The DVLA also auctions some registration numbers. You can see a list of the numbers coming up for auction online and you can bid in person, by phone, in writing or online.


How do I get the plates made up?

Once you have your new reg purchased, you will need to get them made up. There are tons of businesses about that can make your plates up, it’s all about finding the right price and the correct people.

However, the supplier will need a couple of details from you to ensure they are making plates that belong to you.

• Your Vehicle Reg certificate (V5C or V5CNI) or certificate of entitlement (V750 or V750NI)
• Proof of Address

The prices can vary as you can now get different styles of plates, such as 3d 4d and carbon looking letters, a big question we get asked is are 3d number plates legal, you can find out more about that below. But yes there are some custom plates that are legal. As the lease driver you are responsible for all charges and the ensuring the plates are changed over correctly.

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