Business Leasing Explained



What is Business Contract Hire?

A Business Contract Hire agreement is a long term arrangement which allows a business to lease a car / van. The standard time span for one of these contracts is anywhere between 24 to 48 months

• Fixed Monthly costs - At the start of the contract, a fixed monthly cost will be agreed for between 24 - 48 months

• Annual Mileage Limit - A mileage limit will be agreed at the start of the contract, but don't worry if you think you'll go over, you can always add on additional mileage with us, throughout your contract

• There is no balloon payment at the end of the contract, you simply hand your vehicle back at the end

Why Evans Halshaw Leasing?

Evans Halshaw Leasing was formed as a sister company of Pendragon Vehicle Management, which is the contract hire and leasing arm of the Pendragon PLC, the third largest motor dealer in the UK.

Evans Halshaw Leasing specialises within the personal contract hire and SME market for fleets of up to 50 cars and LCVs. We pride ourselves on delivering an unrivalled level of customer service and providing a hassle-free contract experience.

Being part of the Pendragon PLC gives us unlimited access to the group stock, ensuring that we are able to provide quick turnaround times on lease vehicles, as well as a competitive price.

As a business, we have over 13,000 vehicles across our client base, operating in a variety of different market sectors. We continue to invest in and grow our operation, most notably with the development of our team members, our IT infrastructure, and our visibility within the market sector.
We have an ambitious plan to achieve rapid growth within the market sector, utilising our strength as a PLC and also our associates who have significant experience behind them within the industry.

Benefits of Leasing 

Fixed Monthly Fees

Manage your budget with fixed monthly outgoings and no hidden costs. Making it easier for you to budget each month.

Drive around in a brand-new vehicle

With vehicle leasing, you can update your fleet every 2-4 years meaning you’re driving the latest vehicles with the latest innovations and safety technology.

Avoid owning a depreciating asset

Most new vehicles can lose 50-60% of their value in the first 3 years, leasing is a great way to avoid financial loss since you don’t own the vehicle.

Save Time

When your lease contract is coming to an end we get in touch to organise the collection. Saving you time and money where you would usually be preparing your vehicle for resale.

Save Money

VAT registered businesses can claim back 50% VAT on cars and 100% VAT on LCV's and Maintenance

Finding the right vehicle

We have a great selection of vehicles available with over 30 manufactures to choose from. We also have LCV, Electric & Hybrid vehicles available to lease. Make sure to check out our special offers page.

Our Finance Partners 

We are proud to work with some of the UK largest and most trusted funding partners for our vehicles. In using a number of different funders, we are able to ensure we can offer some of the most competitive rentals in the market. As an independent leasing company free from manufacturer or bank ownership we are able to maintain competitive funding arrangements, rather than being wholly reliant on the competitiveness and/or appetite to fund through one parent company/lender. We also have the ability to fund externally through our selected panel of lenders. If you want more information about the lenders we use, we are of course happy to provide this information.

Contract Hire with Maintenance

Our comprehensive vehicle maintenance package is a great option that offers peace of mind, cost savings, and can be easily added to your vehicle lease deal for a fixed monthly fee.

Our maintenance contracts will provide the following cover:
• Full maintenance provision: Covering all routine servicing, tyres, and MOTs. The only items not covered by our maintenance package are consumable items and items that require maintenance due to driver abuse/neglect
• Servicing: All routine servicing is covered within our contracts. We will provide you with a dedicated helpline number which drivers will be able to call and arrange the most suitable location, date, and time to suit the driver
• MOTs: MOTs are included within our maintenance contract
• Tyres: are provided as standard within our contracts. All replacement tyres are included but we reserve the right to charge if damaged by misuse.
• Breakdown Cover: Full breakdown cover is provided within our maintenance contracts

Why not go Electric?

There is a host of advantages when it comes to running electric cars in your fleet, not just the significantly lower running costs.
There are also numerous financial incentives for the business, which include tax exemptions, as well as benefits for drivers such
as lower Benefit In Kind (BIK) rates. Electric vehicles are, more often than not, more expensive to buy than petrol or diesel vehicles.
However, leasing offers an affordable route to going green and at the same time takes advantage of many other benefits such as lower
fuel bills, reduced running costs, and tax incentives.

Find out more about electric vehicles and see what all the fuss is about!

Larger Fleet Customer?

If your business has a fleet over 50 vehicles, then visit our sister company Pendragon Vehicle Management who can provide you with a range of fleet management services.

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