Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

With the rise of green cars, there is no better time like the present to pick yourself up a Hybrid or Electric car.

We always have great deals on Tesla, BMW, Volkswagen Toyota and many more.


Electric or Hybrid Leasing

With the electric 'wave' being very new to the automotive industry, we know buying a brand new electric car can be a tad pricey and for many people, means that they do not get the option to 'go green'. This is why leasing is a great choice for people who want to take advantage of the benefits electric vehicles have to offer in an affordable manner:

• Lower Fuel costs
• Economic Benefits
• Tax Incentives


Electric Vehicles

Driving an Electric car allows you to be an environmentally friendly as you can be when driving your vehicle. They produce zero CO2 emissions as they are ran purely off an electric motor. With this in mind, the total running costs of an EV is significantly lower than any Petrol/Diesel Engine.

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars combine a standard combustion engine with an electric motor to produce some of the lowest CO2 emission levels of any vehicle. This winning combination means hybrids are also an effective option if you want to keep on-the-road costs to a minimum.



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