Electric / Hybrid Vehicles FAQ


What's the difference between a standard lease contract and an electric lease contract?

There is no difference, it’s exactly the same as leasing any other type of vehicle with us, you could however, benefit more whilst owning an electric car throughout your leasing contract. At Evans Halshaw Leasing you do not need to contact us to get your quote, enter all your requirement and get an instant quote with no sign up needed.


Does my electric car need regular servicing and an MOT?

Yes, within your electric vehicle, there are still moving part, albeit less parts, but there will still be a need for MOTs and regular servicing. Servicing costs however, can be a lot cheaper in some circumstances.


Do I need to install an electric charging point at my home?

When charging your car, its entirely up to you whether you want an electric charging point in your house. All electric cars can be charged with the classic 3 pin socket like you would any other device. This method is however the slowest option and is best completed overnight. A lot of electric car drivers opt for a dedicated electric charge point installed in their garage or driveaway or you can charge your vehicle at one of the 10,000+ public charging points across the UK, or speak to your employer about having a charging point installed at your workplace.

Interested in finding the nearest charging points to you?Take a look using ZapMap.


How many miles can an Electric Vehicle do on one charge?

With an electric vehicle it varies on the manufacturer, but most will be able to travel over 100 miles with ease with the newer models reaching 200 or more.


What happens if I run out of charge in my electric car?

Just like a petrol or diesel car, when your car is nearing the end of its tank, its time to refuel or in this case, find a charging point as soon as you can.


Is it more expensive to insure an electric car?

Its always best to check insurance before purchasing a vehicle as it is with any type of car. Insurance is entirely different for everyone, based on age of the driver, their location, their driving history (including any points or driving convictions), as well as the make and model of the vehicle.



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