BYD, one of the world's largest battery manufacturers, has finally arrived in the UK market with their newest car, the ATTO 3. BYD's range of upcoming cars promise to make a positive impact, with upcoming models including BYD Dolphin and BYD Seal. The brand's commitment to manufacturing excellent electric vehicles has led to the development of a new platform for its cars. The new platform in BYD's models have been designed with enhanced safety and low temperature driving range in mind, reaffirming BYD's commitment to build innovative cars.

So what makes BYD different to other electric car manufacturers? BYD has over 28 years of experience in battery research and manufacturing, which has allowed the brand to create a battery that is now considered as one of the world's safest batteries, the 'Blade Battery'. Despite the fact that little business took place in Europe for the brand. By 2021, BYD was the fourth largest producer of plug-in / electric vehicles, and by June 2022 this brand had sold 641,000 EVs, which just demonstrates how big BYD really is as it now competes with the likes of Tesla.

With a BYD lease, you're not only driving an EV, you're also making a positive impact to the environment.


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