Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
20 March 2023

It's time for spring cleaning. You've got your house in order, and now it's time to turn your attention to your car!

Spring is a great time of year to clean your car. Not only is it warm enough to go outside, but you can also get the your spring cleaning done quickly before the weather turns cold again.

Before you start, take a look at our top tips for keeping your car in tip-top condition this spring:



It's time to clean off the winter road dirt that clings to our cars. The buildup of grime, which is made up of oil, dirt, grit, tyre rubber, and salt, is bad for your car's paintwork and needs to be removed. However, you must be especially careful when doing this because grime contains grit, and if you scrub at it with a sponge, all you'll end up doing is scratching the exterior.

Pre-wash your car before you begin to wash it. Using a pressure washer is the simplest way to get rid of dirt, but you should be very careful while using one around your car to avoid damaging the paint. If you don’t own a pressure washer, try using a garden hose.

Clean your boot

Cleaning out your boot will not only improve your mood and perhaps even help in the recovery of lost belongings, but it will also improve the performance of your car.

In the winter, many of us keep hiking boots, extra clothing, de-icers, and sometimes wellies in the boot of our cars. It's time to get rid of your winter belongings once spring arrives. Not only will it make your boot appear twice as spacious, but your car will also benefit from the lighter weight, making it run more efficiently and get better mileage.

Clean the interior without spending a fortune

The simple things are what matter most! Freshen up the floor with a hoover, wash the mats, and wipe the dust off your dashboard. You don't need to buy expensive cleaning equipment. A microfibre cloth and a small amount of cleaning spray or even disinfectant wipes can be used to detail the interior. Meanwhile, a toothbrush or toothpick can be used to clean those small and hidden gaps,  Your car can also be quickly cleaned by using a mix of baking soda and water.


Window cleaning

Windscreen wipers and even a little bit of rain might result in a smeared windscreen

Consider coating your wipers with rubbing alcohol before replacing them if they continuously blur the view through your front and back windscreen. However, if this doesn't work, it might be time to replace the wipers.

Another top tip for windows is using shaving foam. Shaving foam applied and then wiped clean will keep the inside of the windscreen from steaming up as much on cold mornings.


Enjoy your cleaning!

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