Polestar 3 is here

Polestar 3 is here
23 February 2023

The all-new and even more powerful Polestar 3 is coming to the UK next Winter

The current Polestar 2 is known for its high-end and sleek Scandinavian design, which includes and unique trademarks such as their ‘Thor’s Hammer’ headlights. Whilst the new Polestar 3 features many of the same trademarks and design features, we certainly have a lot to be excited for in this new and re-designed SUV.

“My hope is that Polestar is going to make sustainability cool... It’s not instead of luxury, it’s part of luxury. That’s where I think the brand will make a real impact.” says Fully Charged Head of Automotive Jack Scarlett. 


The Polestar make is perfect for anyone who is looking for a highly-powerful and all-electric vehicle which is reliable and luxurious. At the heart of the ‘Long range Dual motor with Performance Pack ‘ model is a 111 kWh battery which charges in 30 minutes, with up to 510bhp of power and a top speed of 130mph. So how does this compare to its predecessor? The Polestar 2 has a slightly lower level of performance in comparison, with a 78 kWh battery with up to 469bhp of power and a top speed of 127mph. Nevertheless, the vehicle is similarly powerful and makes a great sustainable alternative to fuel powered vehicles.


Previously, Polestar adopted a coupe and liftback style in their models 1 and 2. However, the new model 3 is a re-designed SUV style which aims to bring sportiness back into luxury SUV’s. The new interior includes a panoramic sunroof, which gives an ‘airy’ feel to the driving experience in the vehicle, Android powered Google infotainment and a Bowers & Wilkins sound system. The new model also includes a 484-litre boot, which can be extended to 1,411 litres.

Polestar have also adopted a very sustainable yet luxury approach to all of their designs, which can be seen in their upholstery. There is a choice of a number of upholstery options, which includes leather or wool which is produced according to highly strict animal welfare standards or a vegan alternative which uses renewable Bio-attributed MicroTech made from certified renewable vinyl and recycled polyester textile.


As Polestar is a brand that is strongly connected to their parent company, Volvo, expect to see the highest standard of safety features in the Polestar 3. The model includes a long list of features which include a highly advanced Driver Monitoring System, which is an eye-tracking monitor used to detect the driver’s eyelids and gaze, Blind Spot Information System, Lane Keeping Aid, Intelligent Lighting and Acoustic Vehicle Alert System.


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