Our Top 5 Electric Cars to Lease

Our Top 5 Electric Cars to Lease
06 August 2020

Tesla Model 3


RRP: From £42,500

Full Charge Range: Over 300 miles on full charge

0-60: 3.2

The Tesla Model 3 is the 4th car from the US company and its arguably, their most important. With the Model 3 being Tesla’s cheaper option for consumers, it’s got all electric car enthusiast attention. With its sleek minimalistic interior, full of tech, it’s one of the best EV on the market currently.

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Nissan LEAF


RRP: From £29,790

Full charge Range: upto 164 miles

0-60: 7 seconds

Like the Zoe, the Nissan Leaf is one of the more affordable and popular EVs available to lease at the moment. With our deals starting from £279 per month on PCH. Offering a comfortable and quiet ride with a lot of tech, along with its outstanding reviews for reliability. It’s a no brainer to have a look into leasing a Nissan LEAF.

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Renault Zoe


RRP: From £28,795

Full Charge Range: 200 miles

0-60: 8.1 seconds

The Renault Zoe Offers to fix the two biggest complaints people have with EVs, the price and low range. The Renault Zoe is a great option for anyone looking for an EV without breaking the bank, currently on offer from £248 with Evans Halshaw Leasing. The Zoe also offers a great range from full charge, getting almost 200 miles also giving you the opportunity to charge at home with a wall mounted 7kW charger.

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Hyundai Ioniq


RRP: From £30,056

Full Charge Range: Up to 170 miles on a single charge,

0-60: 9.7 seconds

The Hyundai Ioniq allows you to pick whether you want a hybrid or a pure electric vehicle. Obviously, we are going to be looking at the full electric version, its one of the lowest costing EVs available with some great lease deals here.

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Audi E-Tron


RRP: From £59,185

Full Charge Range: Uptp 300 miles

0-60: 5.5 seconds

This is Audis first fully electric vehicle they have produced and you are in for a treat. Performance, range and price all look competitive with the other luxury electric vehicles available but with the E-Tron’s charging capabilities pushing it into the lead. Find the best Audi E-Tron deals here

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